Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Life Update Pt II

Okay, this blog post has been a long time coming, but yay, it's here.

All right, as some of you have probably noticed, I haven't been as active in the past couple of months and it's getting even worse lately.  I'm due with my second child in December and have a big case of pregnancy brain, that between the fatigue and just general blah-ness, I am lucky that I remember what day it is. Most times :)

There's something different this time though.  This may be a bit TMI, but hey it's the only way to explain it. Since June I've been having some periods of bleeding, which has led me to be in the hospital or at the doctor's office. It's gotten a bit worse in recent weeks, but they were able to diagnose me with having a low lying placenta and thus I've been put on rest, including not lifting anything over 5 lbs and no exercise except for walking. Couple that with having a very active 3 almost 4 year old, and it's been kind of hard.  I'm lucky to have my husband and mother around and that helps, but it's not like that every day.

So...where am I going with this?

I have decided to take a break. I know, it seems like I already have, but this is going to be an "official" break. That also means that I won't be blogging for IndieLicious either. Originally the plan was to start my "maternity leave" (I know, it sounds silly when I'm referring to blogging and the like) at the beginning of December, but after everything that's been happening, I can't wait that long.  I can't keep up with the IndieLicious posts, even forgetting to post the sign ups for August until after the 1st because I was being checked out at the hospital.

What does this break mean? It basically means, backing off from social media. I already signed up for the IndieCredible Tour in September, and I'm paired with Natalie, the awesome blogger from Pretty in Pink Books and Reviews so I'll be doing that, but otherwise...not much else. That means no IndieLicious, no more signing up for blog tours etc and just generally taking a break from online stuff.

Writing wise...I'm not sure. I know that I cannot get The Princess and the Stableboy out in time this fall or even by December. That doesn't mean that I won't try to work on it as much as I can, and maybe I'll be able to give everybody updates as to what's going on. I do have 30,000 words written thus far and I know what I have to do and where I have to go, I just need to not have everything hanging over my head.  I will get the book done, I can promise you that, but with  all of us in the house just basically going day to day, I can't tell you when at this point.

Of course it could turn out that things will improve, and I'll be able to focus once more on these things again, but I don't want to say for sure that I could so I'd rather not take the chance.  So, if you'll excuse me, this kiddo is kicking up a storm on my side and I need to kind of get more comfortable on the couch :)


  1. Take care of yourself! Everything else can wait. Yes, readers always want the next book, but real life is way more important... take the break and don't feel guilty!

  2. Take care of yourself, and take care of that precious baby. The interwebz can just deal -- because honestly, anyone who doesn't understand that baby-and-mommy trump blogging or etc? That's not the kind of person you want to try and impress anyway.

    Huge ((((hugs)))) and prayers to you and the baby!
    Relax, enjoy the unexpected downtime -- the season of rest, before a new chapter in your adventure begins in earnest. <3